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World's Largest Olive

Folks...Where Do You Wanna Go??!!

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After fulfilling lordafredhenry's request for picspam of olives in spamwich_faire and drawing olive-related cartoon gags in both _ewetopia_ and lifewithlouella I just HAD to do a Google Search to find out if there really IS such a thing as the World's Largest Olive! It turns out, there just so happens to be! It's in Lindsay, California, outside the Olive Tree Inn Motel/Restaurant. It used to belong to an olive orchard/factory but it was relocated to this place when they went out of business. My husband was surprised to learn that olives actually grow in North America. California to be specific. He always thought they only grew in places like Italy and Greece. I remember a Beverly Cleary novel I read about a girl who went to live with a family who grew olives, but I can't remember the name of the book.

Seriously, this link is for anyone who has anything olive-realted to post, especially if it relates to The World's Largest Olive! If you've been there and had your picture taken in front of it, we'd love to see it here! We'd love to see WLO-related cartoons, especially those you've done of your own characters, links, merchandise, etc. Who knows, maybe someday we'll even make a "pilgrimage" and arrange to all meet there someday! Wouldn't that be fun!

What makes this World's largest Olive business even more hillarious is that it is located in a place called Lindsay, California! I used to live in a town called Lindsay, only it was in Ontario, Canada!! And I happened to have a co-worker named Olive!

BESIDES Olives...this community is also open to OTHER unusual and Oversized roadside attractions!!!!